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Thermal Spray

What It Is

Thermal holding spray with heat protection and heat restyling technology allowing you to reshape and restyle your hair by just applying heat.


What It Does

• Adds clean touchable hold. 

• Boosts shine and softness.

• For touchable shape with flat irons and curling irons. 

• Can be used prior to straightening or curling hair. 

• Offers heat protection up to 450 degrees. 

• New heat restyling technology prepares hair for easy style transition.


What Else You Need to Know

• Redken's Heat Styling Collection features an array of products with various levels of hold to provide you with the ultimate level of heat protection.

• With a lotion spray and mist the Heat Styling line is great for anyone seeking frizz control and protection against hair breakage. 

• Thermal Spray 11 Low Hold is a thermal holding spray that protects and repairs hair for a silky smooth finish when heat styling. 

• This professional product features a lightweight formula that won't leave hair sticky offers anti-frizz protection and protects against hair breakage. 

• Redken's Heat Restyling Technology features a unique formula that seals the hair cuticle from damage and protects from heat up to 450 degrees. 

• This technology also allows you to change up your style by applying heat to reactivate the formula.

Thermal Spray

SKU: #P2392000
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