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Texture Paste

What It Is

Texture Paste is a texturizing hair paste that delivers long-lasting texture separation and flexible control for a moveable hairstyle.


What It Does

• Provides relaxed and natural style look hair styles with an easy long lasting hair control texture paste. 

• Molds and shapes strong directional styles and stays pliable on all hair types and hairstyles but ideal for short to medium length styles. 

• Piecey undone texture with a matte finish that stays flexible to re-work and re-shape hair. 

• Medium lasting and control which creates both relaxed and strong texture hair effects. 

• Enhances hair texture enabling styling of ragged deconstructed styles and pliable to rework hair styles. 

• Provides flexible texture to customize layer texture looks serving as working material for all hair types.


What Else You Need to Know

• Suitable for curly hair wavy hair or straight hair. 

• Stays pliable so you can rework styles.

• Long lasting leave-in paste enhances hair texture enabling styling of ragged deconstructed styles. 

• Provides definition and manageability with texturizing flexible control.

Texture Paste

SKU: #P2390300
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